Poem #1

Poem #1

Do for love

Tupac made me a romantic. I remember staring at photographs of him in books and reading his letters and poems he wrote to multiple women while he was in jail. A boy in middle school gifted me his greatest hits album  All through highschool and college he was the background on my phone. At 19 I wanted him to be my baby daddy. Daydreamed it was me and not Janet that he looked at in poetic justice. Had me wanting a man to write me love letters and poems and shit. Had me wanting a man going crazy over perfume sprayed paper. Now at 27 I realize he was writing love letters to multiple women in jail and it sounds less romantic. 

Guess I like them wishy 


Gemini men 

real player like- 

smooth as butter – 

scotch between my teeth 

type of men. 

The ones that can talk ya into having a baby with them with no car no house and no money. Sleeping on your couch and eating your food. Tupac made me love golds and little hoop earrings. Made me love structured jawlines and dark skin. He made me a girl from the suburbs like them street like men with commitment issues and trust issues and momma issues. Had me wanting to save them all. To save all the Tupacs of the world from the world. Had me thinking I was superwoman with the strength of devotion. Yearning for spells and a mansion with rooms to hold them all. Captain save a – but call me captain save a man that don’t wanna be loved. 

*** early early draft***

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I’ve been debating on if I want to post full completed poems (what I would say are edited and completed) here on my blog or on my instagram. Because the goal is that I want to of course write volumes of poetry and publish them and get people to buy them. I know of course I would need people to get interested in my work first and to do that they’d need to read my work. So, I am going to start posting more poetry here on my blog in hopes that it will get my name out there and get people in the creative writing community interested.

Writers Block

Writers Block

I haven’t wrote a decent poem in 2 years. That’s real writers block. After I had my daughter I know for a fact my writers voice changed and instead of forcing myself to write or create I just chilled all the way out but would still feel instances of down emotions about not writing. I’m finally starting to feel little instances of words forming in my thoughts that string together into poetry. I haven’t written anything down. Nothing’s solid. But I can feel creativity and inspiration and my voice finally starting to creep back in. And it’s a good feeling. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to acknowledge it out of fear that it might go away. It was a tightly lodged feeling that I can feel deeply in my heart. But it’s here and I’m thinking (hoping) it’ll stay awhile. And something solid will come from it.

Until then here’s a lil sample of the poetry I used to write. Cause what I know will come from me now won’t exactly be the same.