Summer Walker’s “Over It”

Summer Walker put out her debut album this past Friday and it’s an 90s R&B dream. It features Usher 90s early 2000s god. Party next door, who is my ultimate favorite of favorites 6lack, Jhene, Drake & Bryson Tiller to name a few. The album was mostly produced by London on da track.

I am a summer walker stan, fan girl whatever you wanna call it. I’ve been into her since she first came out before the girls need love remix with Drake. So, I’m hype her album is well received. I literally have had the album on repeat for days. Summer Walker is a complete vibe and I fuck with it.

My favorite song when I first listened to the album was “I’ll kill you” with Jhene. The hook “I’ve been waiting so long for a love like this” is catchy without being cheesy. Walker talks about her bf who also produced songs on her album London Holmes. Its a cool breezy love song with Summer and Jhene talking about how far they’ll go for their man.

After listening to the album a few times my favorite song now is “Come Thru” with Usher it definitely speaks to the middle/high school girl in me who would be in the mirror trying to dance and sing after school. (Also I definitely spelled thru like this in my teens in little notes) It has an early 2000s r&b vibe. It’s also just interesting (in a good way) that she sampled Ushers “Make Me Wanna” from ‘97 and he also has a new verse on the song. “You make me wanna come through/quarter after two/just to put it down on you/ you make me wanna replay/all the things” the chorus has been stuck in my head for days.

“Just Might” with Party which is one of the most relatable songs on the track list with the infectious hook “Keep playing/ love is a loosin game and I just can’t take no more, no more/ said love is a losin game, so I might just be a ho”. Party supplies a males a male perspective to the track and the beat to this one and how it syncs to the lyrics gives it a playful vibe.

Another relatable song I’ve seen a lot of people talking about and praising (including Drake) is “fun girl” this raw piece is a song that I know most women relate to as she talks about feelings about not being enough and being housewife material. The title also suggests that the guy Walker is messing with only sees her as a “Fun Girl” and not someone he can take seriously. She goes on to talk about how women who aren’t submissive and know exactly what they want and do whatever they want aren’t seen as desirable.

“Drunk Dialing” is a short little song on the album that speaks to the dating scene and how when you get a little liquid courage you start hitting up some old flames which we’ve all done.

Summer has a gritty r&b sound it’s not like your typical love songs which I think makes her more relatable. She talks about the ins and outs of dealing with someone and how its not always positive. It’s not always roses and candy. And she just has a distinct Atlanta feel to her cause we all know the dating scene in Atlanta can be a little crazy. The songs are more subdued love songs showing the real mixed emotions that come from relationships. R&B has been missing songs like these in recent years and Walker definitely took a page or two out of the nostalgic 90s r&b we all love and miss.

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