Orange Cauliflower

I was disappointed by my daughters lack of interest in this meal too. Out of the 3 meals I tried to introduce to her the cauliflower alfredo was the only meal she really liked. This orange cauliflower was actually really good. I didn’t even force my daughter to try it because she helped me bread the cauliflower and watched me put the sauce on them we assumed it was spicy because the sauce was dark. She doesn’t like spicy food and kept saying it was spicy.

My back-up for if the cauliflower failed was the orange Gardien brand nuggets (she loves this brand) but she complained about the sauce being salty (it wasn’t). She wouldn’t eat her rice and asked for chips. I understand that this introducing foods to her thing will be a process and I struggled when she asked for snacks in telling her she couldn’t have any cause she hadn’t ate her food.

Anyway, enough backstory so I did cut a whole head of cauliflower washed the florets and then dipped them in oat milk then in a flour and spice coating. I cooked the cauliflower on 400 F for 25 minutes. Then once done I coated them with the orange sauce and back in the oven they went for 25 minutes.

I had the orange cauliflower with basmati rice (follow cooking instructions on bag). Kimchi and cucumber. I also cooked spinach with lots of garlic, ginger, salt and paprika.

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