My favorite jeans

Just a little ode for my favorite jeans. These jeans are from American Apparel (where I get most of my jeans) they’re the mom jeans (high-waist jean on their site) in the classic light wash. As a woman with hips and a booty but a small waist I have a hard time finding jeans that fit how I want them to fit. Prior to finding American Apparel jeans from social media and stuff I didn’t wear a lot of jeans because they just didn’t fit how I wanted them to instead I wore a lot of leggings but I quickly got tired of that look. I bought my first pair of American Apparel jeans in college. The easy jean. In the dark blue rinse. This was probably in 2013-2014. So, this was before the company went bankrupt (living in the Atlanta area they had two stores one in lil 5 and another that came later in Atlantic station). Their jeans are perfect for the fit I want because they jean material stretches. The High-Waist Jean they sell is 100% cotton allowing the material to fit to your body and move with it in a flattering way. The Easy Jean is 76% cotton, 21% polyester and 3% spandex. This blend also makes wearing jeans all day really comfortable and flattering to curvier shapes. The material on both jeans is really soft and feels good against the skin.

I usually buy their jeans when they’re having some sort of deal or special on their site because they are on the pricey side but the only jeans I really like. The Easy Jean retails at $68 and the High-Waist Jean is $78. To get more wear out of these jeans if you can afford to dry clean do so. If not don’t dry the jeans especially the Easy-Jean either air dry or tumble dry on low. The pair of dark rinse wash I had of the Easy Jean in college ended up ripping in the middle thigh area towards my crotch after a few years and I’ve since taken extra care to preserve the jeans I do own from American Apparel because they are such an essential basic piece to own and style with multiple outfits.

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