My Brilliant Friend

There is a mini series that aired on HBO back in November-December called my brilliant friend. It is an Italian-American show that portrays a friendship and the struggles between two Italian girls in the 1950s. Honestly, one of the most beautifully acted anything I’ve ever watched. The two main characters Elena and Lila acted so beautifully I was entranced by both of them and not just their characters but their actual mannerisms and the dedication and thought they must’ve put into this show. The children Lila and Elena were only in the first 2 episodes but their performance was amazing truly.

The show made me cry. Shocked me. Made me angry. It was beautiful. I recommend everyone watching it if creative storytelling is something that interests you. I would say if physical abuse is a trigger for you don’t watch this. There was some violence especially father’s hitting their kids. Other than that the show is mainly about the retelling of the friendship by an adult Elena after she gets news that Lila is missing.

The setting for the show I know was an actual movie set to look like Naples in the 50s. I looked it up cause it honestly looked so much like Cuba now with the unpaved streets, the architecture, the old cars that I thought it might’ve been filmed in Cuba.

The inner struggles that Elena faces with competing with Lila. Feeling ugly because of her pimples and body issues are all things that girls really face. And the way it was represented on screen was perfect. I think every girl knows what it feels like to compare themselves to another girl (especially a friend). To feel inadequate to feel less than.

This show made me appreciative for all the things I don’t have to go through for being a girl and all the things I did go through for the same reason.

I liked how sure of herself that Lila was but I identified more with the emotions that Elena showed.

It did sadden me to see that Lila ended up married, rich and not studying or writing like she had wanted to as a child because that so easily had been my own story.

I’m not going to lie though the way Elena behaves in the show really annoyed me at times. I wanted her to stand up for herself to have a backbone to do what she wanted. But I know that can be hard at 15.

When I got to the end of the show and Elena was suddenly being pursued by Nino’s father I had a oh hell nah moment. It was not something I saw coming. But something I wanted to address in this review. With all the R’kelly things going on right now and from constant experiences of girls being prayed upon by older men it’s something that needs to be talked about out in the open so that it stops happening.

The very last episode and the ending of the show suggest there may be a part 2. If not the mini series is based off a book which I have been thinking about going to get to read.

The show is brilliant. I give it a 9/10 and if you’re interested even the slightest go watch it you won’t be disappointed.

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