Vegan Loaded Potato Soup

I love soup. I’ve said already how I love fall well I was even eating soup this summer in 90 degree weather. I love comfort food if I’m eating it needs to be enjoyable it needs to bring me comfort. So, I told myself this fall instead of buying canned soup I would make my own from scratch so  I found a recipe online for loaded potato soup and just veganized it – I’m sure there are vegan loaded potato soup recipes out there but I didn’t want to just follow a vegan one but see if I could make the changes and still make a delicious soup. I honestly haven’t had potato soup since I stopped eating meat. I remember when I was vegetarian in high school I went to O’Charleys with some friends and ordered the loaded baked potato soup and asked for no bacon (it came with cheese too but I wasn’t vegan) and it came to the table …. with bacon. Yup, and I sent it back. That was the very last time I had this filling soup. Since then being vegan/vegetarian I don’t think is as hard now. As a soup person I don’t think soup is just an appetizer to the main course but that it is the main course and I don’t necessarily need a sandwich or bread with it either. Potato soup is definitely a filling soup. It’s creamy. It’s thick.

When thinking about doing this soup I wondered if I should just skip the bacon part. If I should just crisp up some maple tempeh or if I should do coconut or eggplant bacon and not use anything processed. I also knew I wanted a “cheese” and I wanted a creamy soup there are tons of plant based diary products out there now – I tend to always go to almond based ones but thought maybe I should try oat milk for this soup for a creamier thicker consistency. I thought about making my own cheese too but then realized this recipe was getting complicated. So, cause I didn’t want to spend hours in the kitchen and for the sake of this soup being toddler and mom time friendly I decided to make the cheese sauce from scratch but to just do the maple tempeh for a topping.

Here’s the recipe:

a bag of potatoes I used red potatoes roughly 6-8.

Roast them first I roasted them for 45 mins

Then cook onions (about 1/4 a cup) tempeh garlic and carrots in a skillet in some oil till tempeh is crispy onions are translucent, garlic is browned, carrots are soft.

Add this (tempeh, onion garlic,carrot) and the roasted potatoes to blinder with veggie stock and water I used about a cup of both

Keep some of your tempeh to top soup

Also add in coconut milk unsweetened in a can is better for that creamy thickness. Keep some of the coconut milk to swirl across top of soup (if ya want)

Blend until creamy (I also added nutritional yeast)

Top with whatever toppings you want. Sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, tempeh a green (I used the carrot tops as mine)

Btw I wanted this soup to last a couple days. So if you don’t like leftovers I suggest cutting the recipe in half.

Also I’m not one of those cooks (I’m not even a cook lol) who measures things out perfectly but I cook to taste. So I’m constantly tasting as I cook and adjusting so I would advise you to do the same.

Happy fall everyone! I’m looking forward to making and sharing more soups. 🍵

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2 thoughts on “Vegan Loaded Potato Soup

  1. This looks so bomb especially with the tempeh bacon addition! I love soup too , Fall is my favorite time to restart my soup obsession, just made a big batch of vegan chicken noodle soup and have been eating it for the past three days lol Now I need to try your recipe!

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