Crystal of the Month Shiva Lingam

Shiva Lingam is this little spherical stone that I’ve been using lately. I have been using it for grounding mostly as the seasons at about to change. I usually sleep with the stone under my pillow and try to meditate with it at least once during the day. Shiva Lingam balances the masculine and feminine energies. Increases intuition and mindfulness ( I need help with this one). Grounding. Promotes fertility improves feelings of strength, stamina and power. Shiva Lingam also aids in boosting energy and can give you an “afternoon boost” – we all tend to fall in energy ruts after lunch so if this is something you really struggle with hold this stone in your receptive hand (opposite of YOUR writing hand which is your dominant hand). Shiva Lingam is an earth element stone and I will talk about how shiva is formed later in this post. Shiva Lingam helps restore and replenish your natural energy – if you are feeling drained from stress or the everyday things of life. Shiva Lingam also aids in helping with drowsiness if you tend to fall asleep or get sleepy while meditating hold a lingam in both hands to feel more present and energized.  Shiva Lingam is also good for improving ones sex drive naturally.

The Shiva lingam I have and the ones I’ve  seen are perfectly spherical or phallic like. This is because Shiva Lingam a sacred stone of the Indian Hindu religion only comes from one place, the Narmada River in western India. This is one of India’s most holy sites – the villagers gather these stones from the river and hand polish them so they are smooth and rounded in shape. Usually a tan color with brown, red or gray spots or stripes on the stone. Shiva Lingam is important to the devotees and is apart of their daily worship.  The stone is all about the whole. They are purposefully shaped to the symbolic shape of a phallus of the Hindu God Shiva and his union with Kali (masculine and feminine energy). Within the form is also the cosmic egg out of which all creation has emerged.

I have also seen the stone come in different sizes small, medium and large. I currently only have a small one pocket size. But I have made a conscious decision to start buying only medium-large crystals as I believe the energy is more potent in larger crystals (I’m not an expert though I think smaller crystals are great for passive healing like holding while watching TV or walking or at work and of course for sleeping with but that larger crystals are better for active usage like meditating and long term healing).

Shiva Lingam is a stone I would recommend working with if you need grounding work if you’re easily scattered mentally or if any of the things mentioned above are things you personally want to work on or need help with. Shiva Lingam is a root chakra stone aiding in creativity but is also a sacral chakra stone. I am doing this chakra healing for my personal healing every month a new chakra and working with crystals that help open and heal things associated with each chakra hence the reason why I’ve been leaning on my Shiva Lingam and why its the crystal of the month.

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