What I ate in Cuba for a week as a Vegan

I went to Cuba the first week of August for a week for my friends birthday 3 of us went including myself. It was my first international trip since I was a baby so it was special for me. I had so many life changing experiences that I feel completely rejuvenated and inspired about life and everything. So, Havana was actually a pretty okay place to be as a vegan there were options at most restaurants we went to even if it was just french fries. The french fries were actually really good with oil, salt, and lots of garlic seasoning. Plus the abundance of minty lime mojitos made up for the lack of options at some places (literally had toast for breakfast one morning with peach marmalade even though it was good I wasn’t satisfied). I loved the plantain chips (which even though we had them twice I forgot to take a photo both times) with this tangy mustard and this sweet but also tangy ketchup seriously the condiments there are just so good I could make a whole post raving about them. Of course we (my friend who’s birthday it was is also vegan) ate a few meals that were just arroz blanco and frijoles negros but even this in Cuba was bomb. Like the best black beans I’ve ever eaten. I really don’t know how they do it. It was super filling too – really rich with onions and peppers cooked into them.
I’ve had guava jam before but it didn’t compare to the fresh guava juice from a hotel (that I cant remember  the name of) it was really refreshing and I would have liked to just try fresh guava fruit too but even though we saw a couple fruit carts we didn’t get any fruit off them. Last but not least I had this one meal at Al Carbon actually on the same street of the Air BnB we stayed in that was just amazing and so simple. Grilled vegetable kabobs and they were seasoned to perfection with tostones with garlic it was amazing. And they give you this combination of like crusty rustic bread, bread sticks, and a flat bread before your meal with three sauces one was this salsa and another was this creamy bean sauce and a white sauce that we didn’t try (it wasn’t vegan) and the sauces were so good like 5 star meal hands down. There was also a place a street over called  5 Esquinas Trattoria that we went to the first night we were in Cuba and got veggie pizzas without cheese (I know not very Cuban also forgot to take pics of this pizza and another veggie pizza we got at Hotel Silvia) but this place actually happened to have a buffet breakfast that we continued to go to all week because it was $4.50 a person and included unlimited juice and coffee. Actually, most of the meals we ate were fairly cheap actually all of them were except Al Carbon was $53 for the two of us. But Habana 61 where we had rice, beans, and plantains was $27 I think for the 3 of us so everything’s fairly priced food wise. Mojitos were also really cheap like the first mojito I had was $3 the most I paid for one was $6 and that’s unheard of in the States. Like I would move to Cuba just for cheap mojitos. Anyway, enjoy these phots as much as I enjoyed the food!

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Bread and dips from Al Carbon

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Vegetable Kabobs from Al Carbon

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Al Carbon décor. It was a really beautiful restaurant

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Buffest Breakfast: papaya, watermelon, grilled veggies, jam pastry, mango, pineapple

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Habana 61 black beans, rice and plantains

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Mojito with all the fresh mint

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Fresh guava juice


Cuban Coffee

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The mustard I still can’t get over I even tried to find it on amazon with no such luck.

I loved Cuba so much that we’re already planning a trip to go back next year and I would love to also start traveling more with Sage – she’s been to Chicago a couple times and to Alabama a couple times. But that’s it. I really want to go to New York next year, New Mexico, and back to Seattle.

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