September Playlist

Hey everyone!

Can’t believe its already a new month feels like the closer we get to fall the faster summer is moving along. This is one of my favorite playlists I’ve put together (I feel like this about most of them though so not saying much). I just love listening to new music and sometimes the oddest songs go really well together on shuffle. There are a few mellower songs on this playlist but probably because I’ve been feeling a little more emotional and intune with my emotions than usual (guess I have the Pisces full moon to thank for that) but I’m also feeling really grounded with this Virgo energy, so yeah. I always feel like transitioning into fall is weird its like getting off a really nice high (summer) but I’m ready for fall because I feel like I always grow so much during the fall and winter months as its a period of looking in more than out like summer is.

Anyway, I’m rambling. This is a good playlist listen to it. Tell me what you all think and as always suggest songs for me to listen to for the next playlist.

September Playlist

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